torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011


So, today is IP farming day :p I tried for a long time Ashe and got punished by both AP Sion and AP Yi. Thou 1v1 AD Yi is alot better than AP yi with comparable feed. I feel like using AP Yi sometime in a brief future with friends and troll with ridiculously high damage and selfheal :p but seriously, AP yi isn't viable for any game.

Had one pesky Katarina on team, I asked if he has ulti ready, then pinged malzahar and then said I'm going to crystal arrow that arabic void guy, and he just goes and recalls after I've shot it to malz!!!! Bah, we won that match, we had an excellent Irelia on our team, got first blood and +20 kills with only 5 deaths.

Gallup: AD or AP twisted fate? I'd personally go something AP-based in early-mid game and curve it into hybrid in the end-game. Gonna try that next, reporting :)

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