torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011


So today was very twisted day indeed! This champion feels like the most jack-of-all-trades champion. It can be built to an excellent dps, hybrid, magic champ, support, tank destroyer and of course, epic ganker!

My favourite way of building TF is to go first for tome and health potion, to recall for Sheen and get +1 speed shoes and Trinity Force as soon as possible!

For skill order, I go for maxing W asap, then E and once I get trinity force I get one Q for more Trinity procs.

From here I just go for something like Guinsoo Rageblade which just overall boosts everything I have and for rather cheap too.

For gameplay, I prefer laning 2v2 since from there I can leave to gank 1v1 lane which is much easier than ganking 2v2 lane. Using gold card before activating ultimate gate, and then quickly teleporting blocking the route enemy would use so I have maximum time to spank!

I've found magic penetration shoes working better on TF than attack speed shoes. I use magic penetration, health / level and armor penetration runes, respectively. Quints are magic penetration too.

My future experiment shall be rushing fiendish codex which I'd build into Nashor's Tooth. This would give me 25% cooldown reduction, added to 15% cd reduction from Stacked Deck I'd get cooldown reduction cap, which would make me stand with gold card with 2 second stun and 3,6 second cooldown! It sounds amazing, I think it could just be the thing for quadra-, even pentakills! Or maybe using new item Morello's Evil Tome, I could use from masteries 4% cd reduction and have 39% cooldown reduction and maybe the last 1% from runes then.

I'll see :)

I hope you enjoyed reading, please leave a comment Morello's or Nashor's


So, today is IP farming day :p I tried for a long time Ashe and got punished by both AP Sion and AP Yi. Thou 1v1 AD Yi is alot better than AP yi with comparable feed. I feel like using AP Yi sometime in a brief future with friends and troll with ridiculously high damage and selfheal :p but seriously, AP yi isn't viable for any game.

Had one pesky Katarina on team, I asked if he has ulti ready, then pinged malzahar and then said I'm going to crystal arrow that arabic void guy, and he just goes and recalls after I've shot it to malz!!!! Bah, we won that match, we had an excellent Irelia on our team, got first blood and +20 kills with only 5 deaths.

Gallup: AD or AP twisted fate? I'd personally go something AP-based in early-mid game and curve it into hybrid in the end-game. Gonna try that next, reporting :)

Uusi päivä

It's time for another glorious day... in computer LOL.

So tonight I'm not feeling like tanking (I'm going to be forced anyway with 90% chance since it's low elo 8< ) and I'm thinking of getting a supporter. Yes, I'm well aware of what you think: Janna is the best supporter. Janna IS my most played champion, with best win ratio, but it's not so viable in end-game. Yes, wind attacks harrass their team and makes them unable to act BUT it's not useful champion damagewise. Bubble is fine but what I hate about janna is lack of solid heal.

So, I'm thinking of buying either Sona or Nidalee. I like Sona's early game harrassment capabilities and rather strong ulti overall, but nidalee has ridicilously high damage with better healing per AP ratio than Sona.

Sona: healing ratio 1:0,35 , nidalee healing ratio 1:1,5. Sona's cooldown in heal is 7seconds compared to nidalee's 10seconds. Since Sona's healing affects both nearby ally and sona, it's rather 1:0,7 but it's rather unlikely to receive the real potential of Sona's healing to both self and to ally.

Sona's help to teamfight comes from ulti that stuns enemies with rather big aoe cone skill. His passive also gives rather nasty damage. Nidalee in other hand is built on having ridiculous damage on _skillshot_ that's really hard to land with maximum potential but makes it all worth it. Also cougar stance gives great damage in certain situations, as cougar skills doesn't require mana but still adds up mana when tear of the goddess in inventory.

So, Sona is rather snowball that's potential increases rather easily since Sona's early game is full of harrass. Nidalee needs more skill to hit a proper starting, but damagewise, healingwise and map control-wise Nidalee is more viable.

Leave comment Sona or Nidalee, and maybe reasons if you can come up with some, will repost my decision after I hit that pesky 3150IP! :)

keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011


So, I played another game with my friend, had Udyr&Blitz combo which was fucking fail. Maybe cuz udyr was slacking the first 8 minutes cuz of pizza. Anyways, it was rather amusing to initiate every teamfight with handygrab : D Only bad thing in the game was that I was the one being focused all the time. I think I have to change item build to more tankish, or maybe play more cautiously. Getting physically tired so perhaps stopping the games for tonight, continuing tomorrow!


So, today I played with tanky dps- Blitzcrank, jungle Olaf and full support Janna

I'm still having problems with balance of proper ganks and keeping jungling efficient. Also teamfights are too tough for me :s

Janna works for me, thou it just doesn't feel kinda dealbreaker in the game. Skills are fine, yeah, but it's just not enough damage. I think I consider more AP on my builds next time

Blitz was amazing, I can't consider any other tanks for the next couple days, that Q grab is just amazing <3_<3 posting more later on today when I get more exp of playing blitz. God bless free champion rotation!